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Visited grocery service desk to buy bus tickets and discovered several access features (I'd used previously) which had been dismantled:

At the standing-height counter, the wheelchair-height cutout had been filled up with a lottery ticket dispenser. This meant the clerk and I couldn't touch hands, so they clerk had to leave their station and walk all the way around to hand me the tickets. The swipe-and-sign machine for credit cards has a swivel, so I have used independently before. But someone had pointlessly pushed a bookshelf under the counter, so I couldn't reach it.

I brought these issues up to the clerk. I managed to keep my cool. I pointed out that finding accessible features destroyed is very frustrating. Does this analogy work for you? Delighted to entertain suggestions.

Encountering demolished access features is like getting a big delivery of gravel at the bottom of your driveway that you never ordered. When you complain, the response is, "Oh, I'll help you park your car down the street" or "Oh, just wait, I'll round up a group of folks to help you move stuff out of the garage. It might be three hours — is that OK?"

I'm writing the grocery's central office. I suspect the response is going to be along the lines, "well, you were able to complete your purchase, and weren't our staff polite and helpful?" And yes, the clerk was polite, and helpful, and unable to wipe away the psychic spit this encounter smeared over my glasses.
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Thing I am not: a Walmart employee.

Thing I should therefore have to do only when I have just finished moving my shit from my cart to my car, and not under any other circumstance: push carts around a Walmart parking lot.

Thing I did tonight anyway: push carts around a Walmart parking lot.

I don't know about the handicapped spaces at the left end of the building; the doors at that end aren't open at half past midnight. But every single handicapped space near the doors that are open at half past midnight contained either a car or at least one cart.

There were ten carts taking up handicapped spaces. Ten of them. And not one single fucking unoccupied handicapped space anywhere near the open fucking doors.

(I have just left an angry but polite complaint on Customer service desk isn't open at half past midnight either, or I'd have done it in person.)
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The photo is of a toilet that looks fairly accessible at first glance: By which I mean there are several colour-contrasted handrails visible. Then you notice the toilet roll dispenser several feet higher. Where the toilet roll holder should be is a hand dryer. I did wonder if I was supposed to blow dry my ladybits.

I had to stand up to reach the toilet paper (and that was a struggle, but then when standing I'm still only 4'10") and, of course, a lot of wheelchair users can't stand up.


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