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Picture of panel inside train bathroom indicating whether door is locked, using lit symbols of locked and unlocked padlocks, about 1.5x1.5in. Print and braille text reading "door locked/unlocked when lit" point at the correct lights.

Bathroom in train from Stratford to London. Can you tell what's missing?
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Public library with 2 1-person-at-a-time bathrooms, one for men, one for women, both(*) with a sink and both wheelchair-accessible (or intended to - I'm not an expert or even an enlightened amateur). I think that it would be possible to fit 2 AB-only bathrooms (1 for men and 1 for women) and 1 (unisex) wheelchair-accessible bathroom within the same footprint as the layout I described, and I'm curious: which layout would likely lead to less contention?

(*) Technically making an assumption there, since I checked only one, but I'm not a Fair Witness.
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Now that my daughter is getting too big to change on a baby changing unit I am searching for more facilities where I can change her on a full-sized changing bench. I found a database of facilities at last (hurrah!) but not only found there are only two facilities in my whole city, one is inside a private leisure centre changing room where you have to have paid for a swim to get in. I am sure they would probably let us in if we spent time queuing to ask them. The main facility is located inside a government building. To get into this building you have to queue up to have your bag searched, a body search, metal detector screening, wheelchairs swabbed, basically the full airport deal. If I didn't need to change a wet child before we did all that, I sure will afterwards!! Hoist users better have about and hour's notice before wanting to use the toilet or change.
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Over the weekend, I found out that our local Sainsbury's supermarket location does, indeed, have a disabled toilet. I have been going in there regularly for better than five years.

A completely unmarked door, with a "RADAR Key Scheme" lock: "RADAR would like all providers of accessible toilets to keep their toilets unlocked if at all possible." So that they're, erm, accessible?

Closeup of lock:

How did I find out that this was a disabled toilet at all? I saw a woman in a wheelchair going in there, after leaning over precariously and uncomfortably (complete with grimace) to try to get the door unlocked.

In effect, they may as well not have an "accessible" toilet at all. An unmarked door, so you have to ask if there is a toilet you can use--if you can ask. And beg a key off them to get into it, if you don't carry one around yourself. As most people needing the facilities don't, I would imagine. Additionally, I am a foreigner (American) in the UK, and had to look up what the "RADAR Key Scheme" is; the label did not scream "disabled toilet" to me. I had assumed it was a supply closet or something, which they locked up to keep customers out of the toilet paper and hand soap refills!

That day, I really would have liked to have had access to their "accessible" toilet. It can be really hard to get around their horribly cramped ladies' room, depending heavily on a walking stick with one seized-up hip (and really dodgy balance) as I was experiencing that day. And that one stays crowded, to the point that I saw the line stretching outside the door and just left yet again, in spite of my sudden urgent diabetic need for the facilities. I'm autistic with CAPD, and have enough trouble going up to the service desk and asking for a key that this wasn't really an option, even once I knew the facilities existed at all. (Not to mention the potential for "Why would you need it? You're not in a wheelchair!" type responses, which nobody needs.)
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The photo is of a toilet that looks fairly accessible at first glance: By which I mean there are several colour-contrasted handrails visible. Then you notice the toilet roll dispenser several feet higher. Where the toilet roll holder should be is a hand dryer. I did wonder if I was supposed to blow dry my ladybits.

I had to stand up to reach the toilet paper (and that was a struggle, but then when standing I'm still only 4'10") and, of course, a lot of wheelchair users can't stand up.
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I am sure we have all seen this one in its many guises, but I thought it was a particularly spectacular example given that nobody of historically recorded human height could have reached this pull cord. It's about 10 feet up.

Picture of emergency pull cord tied up to ceiling height
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This lovely notice on the door of a disabled toilet states that it is to be shared between disabled toilet and baby changing. Now, marks for remembering to think of a disabled toilet at all, and yes it's very common to have to share with nappy changing, BUT this particular event is a special event for parents of young children. It's an unusually disporportionate number of people in need of nappy changing facilities, therefore facilities should be separated.

Anyway, I couldn't get my wheelchair inside the toilet. It's a 40cm sports model, so goodness knows what size of wheelchair they had in mind when they made it, I am guessing they manufactured it the size they can carry on a truck and worked backwards to make it level access and fit some ridiculously placed bars.

So my apologies if you were among the people who had to watch me go to the bathroom yesterday because I couldn't shut the door, but ...

Sign on toilet reads Priority for baby changing and disabled users


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