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The following lovely images come from my local healthcare centre. I was referred there because the hospital has no parking, and I have been unable to get there to have treatment. They send me to the community healthcare centre, which has parking, nay even has disabled parking! Wow! And here it is.

Picture described in text below

And from a slightly different angle:

Picture described in text below

You will perceive, because you are not totally devoid of thought like the person who painted a wheelchair symbol on this parking bay, that it is impossible to open the door to the left (UK passenger) side. On the right side is a nice pillar against your driving door (there is another of those white collar things as seen in the rear pillar), with another pillar against the rear door, and to prevent you from using the "wide" area to the right of the bay to actually get OUT of the bay and into the healthcare facility, being unable to teleport thorugh the car parked to your right.

Luckily I am able to stagger interestingly to the rear of my car, but have to operate the hoist and hold myself vertical with one hand, because the boot hits the roof if you let go after you open it. Good job I have good clearance and don't need to drop a ramp out the back of a van, then, as it would not go past.

I am also standing as far back as it is possible to stand in order to take this picture, which might give some indication of the ease (or otherwise) of actually pulling into said bay in the first place. Last time I think it took 9 separate maneouvres. (Spelling, spelling, why do I have to use the word "manoeuvre" about 5 times a day?)

Marks for providing parking at all - 3/10 as it's a legal duty. Marks for thought process on disabled bay - 0/10.
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On Thursday I had my annual mammogram (yes I am that old).

For the last decade, I've done this breast x-ray using my power wheelchair. The firm pressure on my breasts and the pushing & pulling of my limbs is pain enough; I want somewhere comfy to sit during the procedure.

But my brand-new wheelchair decided to suddenly sacrifice one of its motors to the Gods of Uncertainty ... so [personal profile] sasha_feather kindly chauffeured me & my rolling walker to the clinic.

As I entered the x-ray room, I noticed a chair just out of reach. I asked the x-ray tech, "Can you grab that chair for me. I prefer to sit down."

x-ray tech Oh, no you can't do that. We have to do the mammogram standing up.
J the K I think it will work fine with me sitting. Anyway, I'm not able to stand that long.
x-ray tech I'm sure you can do it this time. We can't get good results if you're sitting down.
J the K Wait a minute, are you saying that, for the last ten years when I've come here in my wheelchair, those films are no good?
x-ray tech Umm, let me get that chair.

Yeah, no.

I'm also going to complain to the clinic.


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