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Hi everybody. Subject line pretty much sums it up. I'm wondering if anyone could test out the following website for accessibility: http://www.afb.org . I realize that this is probably a loaded request, especially given that accessibility means different things to different people. However, I've been having some issues with some parts of the website and am wondering if other people also experience these issues. I have been trying to purchase a free course from the AFB eLearning Center with no luck. It seems that this site is logging me out constantly, unless I tick the box that says "Remember My Username and Password." Even then, I am sometimes automatically logged out. Please see a prior entry of mine in this comm. I realize this is probably a security measure to protect against spammers and so forth, but the frequency with which it happens seems to be much greater than on other sites. The other issue I'm having is with the online store. It seems that, with VoiceOver at least, the navigation is somewhat off. It wraps around in a loop, but just a few days ago I was able to read a bit of information that was not accessible to me before. For the most part this website with its accompanying portals seems to work pretty well with VoiceOver and the latest version of Chromevox Classic, but I've not had good luck contacting the admins. Thanks in advance for anybody's assistance with this.
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Mafiaoza’s is Icky, and it’s Not the Pizza

Update, 2013-05-12 11:24am UTC: The owner claims they weren't in town that night. So either the owner is lying, or the cops' statements were incorrect. I can't say which it is, or whether (if the latter) the cops were lying or mistaken.
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Over in my own journal, I post about my failed efforts to purchase an iPhone. Very short version: I am told that they can't do a credit check without a drivers license. When I point out to them that I have had plenty of credit checks without a drivers license, and lots of disabled people don't drive, doncha know, they hang up on me. Stay classy, Apple!
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I'm looking for a handful of iddly-fiddly products (camera case, iPod case, batteries) for one shipping charge. I was pleased to see Newegg.com on a Google search, cause I know they've been in business for more than 10 years. Leap on over to their site and I encounter this:

Screen grab of upper corner of Newegg.com site window, where bright red letters say For optimal viewing, please lower your browser's text size setting

[above is screen grab of upper corner of Newegg.com site window, where bright red letters say For optimal viewing, please lower your browser's text size setting]

Yes, I know it takes more time to design a fluid layout, where I can size my text up to something, y'know, readable.

But in return I will buy your stuff! With real US money! If you hadn't said anything, I would have used Mac OS X's built-in zoom feature and opened my wallet. But, no way, you had to boss your way into my user experience and demand I change my font size!


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