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On Thursday I had my annual mammogram (yes I am that old).

For the last decade, I've done this breast x-ray using my power wheelchair. The firm pressure on my breasts and the pushing & pulling of my limbs is pain enough; I want somewhere comfy to sit during the procedure.

But my brand-new wheelchair decided to suddenly sacrifice one of its motors to the Gods of Uncertainty ... so [personal profile] sasha_feather kindly chauffeured me & my rolling walker to the clinic.

As I entered the x-ray room, I noticed a chair just out of reach. I asked the x-ray tech, "Can you grab that chair for me. I prefer to sit down."

x-ray tech Oh, no you can't do that. We have to do the mammogram standing up.
J the K I think it will work fine with me sitting. Anyway, I'm not able to stand that long.
x-ray tech I'm sure you can do it this time. We can't get good results if you're sitting down.
J the K Wait a minute, are you saying that, for the last ten years when I've come here in my wheelchair, those films are no good?
x-ray tech Umm, let me get that chair.

Yeah, no.

I'm also going to complain to the clinic.


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