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My AppleCare Experience

Hi everyone. Since we already have one accessibility win posted here, I thought I'd talk about my experience calling AppleCare this morning. I had to call them to straighten out something with my Apple ID. I attempted to reset things online, but couldn't quite figure it out so I decided to use the old phone trick. So this morning I got up around 7:15 my time and called, hoping that they wouldn't be busy. Sure enough, I got through right away. The first person with whom I spoke seemed to be a receptionist or something, but was friendly and transferred me to Gary, after taking down some information. I told him my problem, and he said he was sorry I was experiencing the problem but that he'd be glad to help me. So that is exactly what he did. For a bit of background, I am on my first Mac computer and haven't quite had it for a year. I am a VoiceOver user, which is the screen reader built into all Apple's products. It turned out that I had sort of forgotten about a keystroke, and I skipped over some of the steps on their website to reset my Apple ID. But Gary was super nice and professional. He was also very patient with me throughout the call. He even took the time to wish me happy holidays and asked me how I'm spending them. I really appreciated that.
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That is great! I have also had good luck with AppleCare over the phone.
Also, if you can get online somehow you can schedule a time for them to call you so there's no waiting.