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Access with barriers

 Good news, a win for access, a local community facility has installed automatic doors. 

Erm... sadly they have installed them outside the existing manual doors to "stop the new doors letting in a draft because they're so big". So the automatic doors can take you almost 6 feet then you must open a manual door which pulls towards the automatic door, which is now in the way and will not close until you pass through the manual door. 

Oh the thought process. I suggest "Door 101: using them to get from outside to inside"
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oh. fuck. no.

*loses other words of sympathy but ffffffff*
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Oh, for fuck's sake!

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I hear ya. I've been places with steps up to the automatic door. Some people!
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That is kind of amazing with it's incompetence.
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Wow. That's... That's just BRILLIANT, isn't it. *rolls eyes*
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This is so very common where I live if I had a dollar for every one I could buy a nice dinner. I hope someone there gets a clue, quickly.
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what? i don't even.... *shakes head in amazement*
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On second thoughts (which they clearly didn't have): *Headdesk* *Headdesk*!!