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making captchas even worse

Wow, LiveJournal is now using Key Captcha, the worst captcha I have ever seen in a career of terrible captchas. Don't even bother going to their site if you use a screen reader -- you won't be able to learn anything, because even the non-captcha parts of their site aren't accessible.

Basically, there is a difficult-to-see smallish image, and then some ugly jigsaw puzzle pieces that are parts of the image, that you need to click and drag (mouse only) into the main image. There is no screen reader functionality, no non-mouse functionality, no accessible alternative. I don't know if it's possible to implement with an accessible alternative, but LJ certainly hasn't, and there is nothing built into keycaptcha itself.

I am honestly completely appalled.
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That was one of my reasons for choosing Dreamwidth. Somebody on a gaming-related website referred me here, and he was raving about the accessibility on here. I honestly can't agree more with him. The Dw folks really seem to care and want to make their service as accessible as possible. I think that certainly shows. Shame on you LJ!

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Forgot to mention that the only 2 screen readers I've used with Dw are VoiceOver and Chromevox. I ditched Chromevox though because it kept crashing on me for some reason. But I've read that this site works well with all other screen readers.
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EWWWWW. I'm doubly grateful I migrated over here, all of a sudden.
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Their previous attempt at a captcha didn't work and no-one could comment for a week until they deleted it, so hopefully this one is just as short-lived.
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I don't have a disability, but it took me 3 tries to get past the captcha to leave the company a message about the issue.
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Aaaagh. :(
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I actually contacted the company to point this out (their contact form has a captcha, obviously!) and they said there are accessibility features available *If the site owner chooses to activate them*. WHY would you make something which you know to be inaccessible then make it optional to have a workaround? I put it to them, no response. But if you're able to contact any offenders without needing to pass captcha to do so, you can thoroughly wring them on the fact they manually selected the version without accessible override.