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Vehicle win!

The Kengaru is a hatchback electric car designed specifically for wheelchair users: the hatchback opens up, you roll right in, and it's driven using airplane-style controls.

This is a remarkable design, but the story of how Stacey Zorn made it a reality is even more amazing (link includes animated gifs and a video). The initial version is for manual chair users (expected to run ~$20,000), with a second model for power chair users coming next.
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!!!!!!! Damn, this is so cool! I've seen, basically the picture go around on tumblr, but the post is a few years old now. I was sure this really exciting thing had never gotten off the ground. But it's real! Ppl can buy them! Thank you so much for digging this up and posting about it.

I do sort of wonder where you'd put groceries though, there doesn't seem to be a ton of space in the thing.
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I do sort of wonder where you'd put groceries though, there doesn't seem to be a ton of space in the thing.

i was wondering the same thing. no room for passengers either, put i suppose that car is more for someone who loves alone or a second car for a couple or family.
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okay, super awesome.
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That just kind of blew my mind with the awesome.

Can you fit anything you were already carrying on your lap or handlebars? Because that seems like a lot, unless you had a wingman carrying shit as well, in which case--where does the wingman sit? It seems to assume you'd only drive yourself if you were by yourself (not a criticism, just an observation.)

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It does look pretty cramped in there. The pictured driver appears to have a small amount of storage space built into his chair, under the seat, so I guess that's something. There might also be enough room for whatever was hanging on your handlebars to stay right where it is. The lap could be a challenge.

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That looks amazing!