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Anyone Ever Used This App?

Hi everyone. Subject line pretty much sums it up. Has anyone ever used or heard of Capti Narrator? I've been trying to get somewhere with this but no dice. http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/productivity/capti-voice-narrator .

The app website seems to indicate that it can be used on the Mac platform and Windows too, but for whatever reason this directory entry is only for the iOS version. I think there's a discrepancy here somewhere. You'd think that, if the developer of this app was active he would still be there, especially given that this directory entry has been updated. In addition, as indicated in one of my replies on AppleVis there was recently an update to this app which I installed on my system. The app description is very convincing, and it seems to me that at least some other AppleVis users have this app and are really enjoying it. I'm also going to post this elsewhere on Dreamwidth and see what happens. My apologies in advance for the lack of clarity, but I need to access some stuff that isn't working for whatever reason just with native Mac software.
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I poked around with Capti Narrator on iOS, but I also want large print, and it didn't serve me well there.

If this AFB Access World article
it to be believed, the desktop client is actually a browser plugin, not an app.

Is there an assistive-tech community on DW? or a blind users group? (I'm sighted -- just an AT geek.)

finally I'll be able to read books and such with ivona voices on my IOS device! awesomeness.

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I have used it. Perhaps voice dream reader has many more features,no,not perhaps,it sure does. but the only feature I'd use would be for reading books and such when I didn't have access to my pc,and for that,kapti will do just fine. because it has one feature which VDR doesn't,and that is the ivona voices. The free version of app is available for free on Vshare app. Get it from here.
This comment may come across as bashing or what you will towards VDR,but it isn't,or it is at least not intented to be so,all I mean through all this is, I am happy that I have a app to read books and such with my prefered voices. :d
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