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I just appreciate the whole irony of this.

The Disability in Science Fiction panel at Worldcon/Lone Star Con did not have ramps to the stage. Because they knew I would be there (I use a wheelchair), they set up tables in front of the stage, so at least I could sit at the same level as the rest of the panelists. (At the Prose by Day, Poet by Night panel, which to be fair I was only added to about two hours before the panel started, I was on the floor and the other three panelists were on the stage.) The disability panel also did not have an ASL interpreter.
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... wow.
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Wow is right.

I feel like they get one point for making sure all panelists were at the same table, and minus two points for assuming that disability = mobility issues.
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*facepalm* For shit's sake...

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Were there Deaf Attendees that required an ASL interpreter?