Yarram ([personal profile] yarram) wrote in [community profile] accessibility_fail2013-07-22 04:45 pm

training fail

I asked work for some training on new software we're rolling out. They send me a web link and a login. I click the link, sign in, and lo and behold, all the training is a bunch of videos. Presented by people with various European accents. There are no subtitles / captions available.

This renders the trainings inaccessible, as I am HoH.

(Fortunately I can understand enough that the PowerPoint slides are useful, but still annoying in the extreme.)
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[personal profile] jesse_the_k 2013-07-22 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Grrrrrr. Borrow Anna Conroy for the next boss interaction. She is not a captionist, but she is one tough person. (See icon)
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[I am not hard of hearing. I am European. I do have immense difficulty processing audiovisual input in the form of videos. This would screw me over too.]
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I hate when anything related to a potential job doesn't take into consideration deaf/HoH employees, mostly because that makes it highly unlikely I'll even apply, since I'm legally deaf. :( :( >:(
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Argh I hate this, also cos it's SLOW and boring. I can read several thousand words in the time it takes to watch a 10 minute video (my reading speed is 400-700 words per minute). Videos are great as an AND but they should have written equivalents with pictures for those of us unable to access them.
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Several possible responses came to me within seconds:

I'm sorry, you sent me the wrong link

Thank you for this, but but I can't see the link for the accessible training pages?

An interesting site, although of course I can't use videos, I'd like the hard copy version please.

(Of course, these are based on my years as a UK civil servant - how to do sarcastic while appearing to be polite. Direct isn't encouraged!)

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I will need to remember these!!! I very much like the sarcasm veiled in polite. Thank you!

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I like that you ask in a way that shows an underlying assumption that the accessible version must exist.