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Possibly not useful, but...

I don't have any accessibility disasters to share, but I'm going to make an offer (and, it being a free offer, all caveats about getting what you pay for apply here). If you have an internet accessibility problem that can be fixed by throwing text at the problem (e.g., images lacking descriptions, important information given only through spoken words without any kind of captions, unwatchable flickering videos), I'm offering to throw text at it for you (i.e., I'll transcribe things or whatever).
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That sure is a generous offer! I'll keep it in mind.

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One option is Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders. They convert books with expired copyright to plain text, HTML, etc. You can help them by proofreading OCRed texts, formatting the proofread texts, scanning texts, and (once you've had plenty of experience with proofreading and formatting) post-processing formatted texts to produce the e-books.
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Can I recommend the community [community profile] transcripts? People sometimes post there asking for things to be transcribed, and it's a good place to crosspost any video transcripts.