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So last Thursday I saw a bus driver try to refuse service to a guy using a power wheelchair. On Friday I submitted a complaint, on Saturday I got an email from the complaints people, and just now I got this:


Thank you for your recent feedback.

At State Transit we treat incidents such as these very seriously. We have established the identity of the employee responsible for this unacceptable behaviour and will be taking appropriate action so as to avoid a similar incident in the future.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any unpleasantness caused.

[Depot Guy]
Kingsgrove Contact
STA Customer Relations
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Wow! I didn't expect anything to come of a submitted complaint, good on them for being on top of it!
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You are a rockstar.
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+1, you champion
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Unexpected! That's really awesome. Good on you, and them.
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That is a great result!
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Excellent results!
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