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Dear Transport for London,

I'm impressed by your provision of a map and guide to step-free stations on the tube [pdf]. Thank you.

However, it would probably be even more awesome if you'd be willing to consider using symbols that didn't rely on users being able to distinguish between red, orange and green.

You champions.

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What do you mean people might have more than one impairment? Wouldn't they like explode?
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Heck, even if it really didn't happen, a colour-blind/impaired person might be attempting to plan a journey for or with a wheely person.
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And then the govt decide to press for 'traffic lights' on food labelling instead of useful info.

Gets fingers ready for more typing ...
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My current favourite is that the accessible stations information does not tell you the CURRENT state of affairs if they are changing access. I looked up one station and it said that step free access and lifts were being installed to be completed in June 2015. Well that's all handy to know, but since I am hoping to go in 3 weeks, how about telling me the lie of the land TODAY?

Then we had 8 different people all enter the same journey into Journey Planner and got over 8 different responses, including one which was for a journey starting at Victoria coach station which started with "walk to Green Lines bus station, take bus whatever to Stansted airport, return from Stansted to Green Lines, walk back to Victoria Coach station"... OK, so sorry WHY did we go to the airport and back first? And you cannot get on a number 11 bus if you put in that you can't use escalators, if you put lifts only you get a different route. Is there really an escalator to reach the number 11? Whole bunch of fail.