teafeather ([personal profile] teafeather) wrote in [community profile] accessibility_fail2011-11-12 09:38 am

Points for effort, deduction for execution

I was very happy to discover that my bank, TCF, has finally caught up with decade-old technology and has replaced some of their ATMs with nonvisually accessible ones. It has tactile labels on everything, and when I used the audio interface, it worked very well. Unfortunately, one of the braille labels has a problem: it's stuck under a protective plastic shield, instead of being placed on top of the shield where the braille would actually be readable. The braille label in question is the one that explains in which direction one should insert the ATM card. I'm planning on scheduling in extra time for my next bank trip to make a formal complaint to customer service. I don't think they'll do anything about it as my previous complaints about incorrect braille labels on the old machines have not resulted in corrections over the past 2 years.